Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Since everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, sprinkle a wee bit o’ luck into your March 17th celebrations with some Sweet cupcakes! We have dressed up our Chocolate Mousse cupcakes with green and white nonpareils, and our Boston Cream Pie with a green “S”.  The Plain Janes will not be looking so plain smiling in shamrock sprinkles.These three flavors will be featured from March 10th – 17th and are priced like our regular cupcakes.

Our special Irish Blessing cupcake, in the original size, will be available for $3.50 each and must be ordered 24 hours in advance. On St. Paddy’s day only, we’ll be featuring our green velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, but if you can’t wait for these, you can advance order them with a dozen minimum order.

These festive colors, decadent buttercreams, and sparkling sprinkles will showcase a jolly message for this cheerful holiday.  This Irish celebration is all about friends, family and fun! So, after your corn beef and cabbage add a miniature jig to the luckiest day of the year with a box filled with charmed desserts.

You don’t need to chase or catch a lucky little leprechaun to discover your treasures;  Sweet By Holly has made it simple by showering these cupcakes with a pinch shamrock fortune! One nip of these yummy treats will have your loved ones feeling the serendipity of discovering a rare four leaf clover. Make sure you pick up your kettle of cupcakes at the end of Miss Holly’s colorful rainbow of goodies for March 17th.

The folk of the Emerald Isle live a carefree philosophy, so in the words of the Irish themselves, Sláinte! Cheers for a happy and healthy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

Our Irish Blessing Cupcake, in the original size, is $3.50 each and can be ordered with 24 hours notice.