Red Velvet Cupcake Lover

This was such a sweet letter from one of our fans we had to share!

Hi Miss Holly:

My name is Bennie Cliatt. I just wanted to take a few minutes to share an unforgettable experience with you. Oct 22, 1964 was when I made my debut into this world. My wife, whom I love so dearly, was kind enough to stop by your store to bring me one of your cupcakes. Now my wife knows I’m a red velvet man. My family on my mother’s side is from Georgia and on my daddy’s side is from Alabama. Between these southern states my people can bake a mean red velvet cake. I’ve recently, over the years become so obsessed with red velvet cake to the point I would waste a full tank of gas driving around tasting red velvet cake from different restaurants. Stay with me, I’m almost finished :-) When my wife of 16 years of marriage, whom I love with all my heart placed that cupcake in my hand to eat after I’d just finished my 16oz prime rib steak at Logan’s Steakhouse, I knew something special was about to happen. So I asked the server to bring me some milk. Miss Wilder, I tell you no lie, when I sunk my teeth into your red velvet cupcake, it was as if the world stood still. At that moment the best way for me to describe it is, it was like I had lost my virginity for the first time. I mean OMG at that point I can honestly say I forgot that I was married. I mean that cupcake was better than sex! Miss Hollis, it took every thing in me to keep my composure. If I had cut lose everyone in the restaurant would have thought I’d escaped from the crazy house. I hope you’ve enjoyed my e-mail. I have attached photos of me eating your cupcake.

-Red Velvet Lover

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